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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

10 things your new baby doesn't need

10 things your new baby doesn't need

Before you spend that cash or empty that gift card, check out this list of stuff your newborn baby doesn't need:

Name brand wipes: unless your baby has super sensitive skin there's no need to splurge on fancy wipes. A package of generic brand wipes can cost less than a dollar. Yup! Go unscented if you're concerned about your baby's delicate skin.

Name brand diapers: The first diapers we got for our baby were gifted name brand diapers. We didn't need to buy diapers for months. Friggin' sweet, right? When the diapers finally ran out we knew we couldn't afford to continue with the original brand we were gifted and were a little hesitant to switch to something cheaper. We finally took a chance and discovered that the off brands were just a good (really, ever better!) and were significantly less expensive.

A diaper bag: What? Have I gone mad? Nope. What I mean is you don't need a bag that has been specifically designed to be a diaper bag. Any large purse, tote, messenger bag, overnight bag and even backpack can be a diaper bag. If you look in your closet right now, I bet you've got something that will work AND it's already in your style!

A ton of newborn sized clothes and accessories: Babies grow and they grow fast. Within just a few weeks, that cute little outfit you love so much will be tucked away in storage or already passed on to another little one. When you go shopping don't be afraid to buy clothes that are too big because they will fit eventually.

A diaper genie: Just put yucky diapers in a plastic shopping bag, tie it up tight and toss it!

Stuffed Animals: A new baby could care less about that silly cute little stuffed giraffe you bought. In fact, he might not even start showing interests in them for months. Well, he could snuggle up with Mr. Giraffe Pants in his crib right? No. Because stuffed toys are possible SIDS risks it is highly advised that you do not put stuffed animals (or pillows or blankets) the bed with baby.

A changing table: Yeah, don't even bother registering for one. They take up space and they're pretty darn useless. It's just as easy and far more convenient to change your baby wherever you are - the bed, the couch or the floor will work just fine. Just be sure to put a towel down first!

Baby laundry detergent: Just simply wash baby's clothes separately in "free and clear" laundry soap (and unscented dryer sheets or skip those all together).

Full priced clothes: Sure that super awesome onesie is only $10 at Target, but you can definitely get more bang for your buck at a thrift store or consignment shop. With all baby clothes only $2 per garment at our local Goodwill, I can walk away with a super cute onesie for Cedar AND four dresses!

Shoes: Well, since babies can't walk there's really no need for them. Sure they look cute, but your newborn can survive without that $80 pair of Jordan's.

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  1. So true. I think, as parents, we buy more of these stuff for us than for the kiddos.

  2. Yep! My kids had store brand everything and turned out okay. Well, kind of okay - they did both land on their heads a couple of times but that had nothing to do with affordable diapers.
    I don't think, personally, that babies need professional pictures every couple of months. Some parents must have too much money to blow.

  3. Totally agree with all of this! I loved Luv's diapers, Target wipes, my normal trashcan that has a lid, and changing my child on couch over a changing pad. She never even fit in newborn clothes to begin with and shoes before they can walk aren't even healthy. Let those feet free!!!!! I did love my diaper bags, and they were expensive, but worth it because I"m obsessed with purses. They were like "Fashion diaper bags" that were made to look like really cool big purses on the outside but all compartments and plastic on the inside haha. I found them on Amazon for $50 each and were worth every penny because they made me feel like this cool single mom strolling around the mall all independent. But as for everything else, cheap cheap cheap!

  4. Girl I'm already on this tip with the first child lol can't be spending 3 and $4 on wipes every week or 2. I can't do it . I buy wipes for $1 or $2...
    Baby wipes- either Luvs or Walmart brand. They work just as good ..I find that when I have used huggies she soaks through.

    I've never owned a diaper bag lol and what the hell is baby laundry detergent lol I never used it !
    Great minds think alike BC we are saving tons of monayyy

  5. Babies seem to be magnets for a million and one things that they don't need! Great round up.
    I know some people have issues with some of the generic brands, but you won't know until you try them!

  6. This is all so true!

    I'm having my second son in April and I'm giving away so many clothes and stuffed animals that we didn't use the first time around. Great advice!

    Thanks for linking up to my blog today. I hope we can continue to network.

  7. Great advice! It's easy to get carried away when the baby is going to outgrow the clothes soon anyways. #HomeMattersParty

  8. These are some great tips! I didn't even know there were diapers that weren't brand labels! Thanks so much for taking the time to link up with us over at the #HomeMattersParty - we hope to see you again on Friday!


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