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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

DIY *AMOROUS* Dice Game for couples

Pre-made sexy dice can be found in pretty much every adult or novelty store. They're usually given as gag gifts at bridal showers but can actual come in handy when you want to spice things up in the bedroom. Sexy dice are a pair of dice in which one has a sexy action and the other has a special body part. Roll the dice and one might say, "Lick" and the other says "Ear" or "Bite Foot." Ok, those are bad rolls, but you get the point. In case you're more on the conservative side and would rather not go into an adult store to pick up a pair (or you just don't wanna spend the money) then here's a way you can recreate the game yourself.

All you need is:
A pair of dice
(Steal a pair from one the kid's board games but be sure to return them as soon as you're done. It's going to be tough trying to explain you've been using them for.)
A piece of paper
A pen or pencil
Alone time...

On a piece of paper make two columns.
Make a list of numbers 1-6 on each column.
The first column will be sexy actions and the second will be body parts.
Sexy actions to consider are "massage", "tickle", "kiss"... I don't think I need to explain more.
And body parts, well that's completely up to you.
Be as tame or as wild as you want.
It's YOUR game!

How to play:
Send the kids away to spend the night with grandma...

Um, you might wanna get nude before playing the game by the way. It'll be kind of awkward doing some of these things with clothes on.
Take turns rolling the dice.
The dice visually to your left is the action and the right is the body part. Match the dice numbers to the corresponding numbers on your paper and perform the action.
Easy peasy sexy fun.

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