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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The NEWBIE shares: My personal blog post promotion checklist (so far)

You guys are currently witnessing magic in the making. I'm trying to become a professional blogger. Yup. It's true. Now, I'm no newbie to blogging, but I am new to blogging for profit.
I'm a stay at home mom with two kiddos and I own and direct my town's annual renaissance faire. Throughout the year I host smaller event to raise funds for my faire. When it's not faire time, I have quite a lot of free time so I decided to use it to bring in some much needed extra moolah into the home.
What I've learned in my blogging-for-profit adventures over the past four months is that promotion is definitely the key for a new blog.
When you're venturing into the world of for-profit blogging, many companies that pay you to promote items and deals require you to have a certain amount of page views a month so you need traffic ASAP if you wanna start making the "big bucks".
If you don't promote your new blog, how is anyone going to know it exists? 
So here's what I do as soon as my blog post is ready for public eyes to peep.

FACEBOOK: First thing's first I share the post on my blog's Facebook page.

PINTEREST: This is an excellent traffic driver! I pin my main image to all the relevant boards I have, and then on any blog-sharing group boards I've joined. Are you interested in joining one? Try mine here: Food, Family, Frugality and Fun.

TWITTER: Even though my posts automatically go to Twitter from Bloglovin', I still tweet the blog post link with the title of the post included -  I make sure to add a couple of relevant hashtags. For maximum exposure, I add an image from the post to make the tweet stand out more. Text alone is very easy to overlook.

REDDIT: This is a recent discovery for me. My regular frugal living posts don't get much attention (I still share though) but my "Comedy Fun Time" posts do, so I always make sure to share those.

GOOGLE+: Even though the post automatically goes to my profile page, I still click the "1+" button at the bottom of my post to share it again. Not very many people use Google+ BUT it's growing in popularity. It has many of the features of Facebook so other users get to "1+" your post. It's Google's version of the Facebook "like". Even though not much traffic comes from this for me yet, just one page view from it is better than none!

So that's all right?
Mmm... not really.
I ALWAYS go back to my number traffic getter: Facebook. 
I'll tell you WHY in my next post about promoting my blog posts so stay tuned!

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  1. G plus is my biggest driver of traffic next to pinterest. Don't underrate it's value.

  2. Good list! I am too lazy to do all this though lol! Uhm but did you know you can connect Blogger and G+ so that every new post that you publish on Blogger will be automatically posted to your G+ too? I use this feature and it works fantastically (did I say I'm too lazy?! lol)

  3. Good luck on the transition, Hollie! Looks like you're on the right path:)

  4. Thank you for your practical and timely suggestions!

  5. I loved reading this! I've been struggling with how to promote posts and when. I need to get a system like this in place so I feel less overwhelmed and more productive.

  6. Great suggestions! Good luck with it, I am working on the same thing!

  7. Great post! My first place is always scheduling my post to Twitter. then Pinterest. & eventually I head over to Facebook. But my FB page does not get me much traffic.

  8. Thanks for sharing your ways. I totally need to get better with promoting my brand again! Good luck!

  9. Thanks for the pointers. I need to start using pinterest!!

  10. Great points! I need to work on utilizing pinterest more often!


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