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Saturday, February 20, 2016

15 Crazy Fun St. Patrick's Day Activities for Couples {Date Night Ideas}

Looking for something FUN to do with your spouse this St. Patrick's Day?
Well, look no further! This list contains 15 totally awesome and doable dates for this day o' green and joy.


1. Cook a dinner entirely of traditional Irish food. You can find great recipes HERE.

2. Check out a local Irish band. I'm pretty sure they'll be performing somewhere on St Patty's Day.

3. Look up Irish dance lesson videos on YouTube and learn a few steps.

4. Go to an Irish pub. Ya might wanna go a little early though because it's guaranteed to get packed with drunken idiots later in the night.

5. Go to a St. Patrick's Day Parade or festival. Make a day of it and check out all the vendors, food trucks, games and actives.

6. Cook a four-course meal of only green food.

7. Get dressed up in some pretty green lingerie or sexy leprechaun costume and see if he'd like to "get lucky".

8. Stop buy your local beer store and pick out a few bottles of stouts to take home and sample. If you're not familiar with beers just ask the manager for assistance in picking out something tasty.

9. Make green candied popcorn and watch all four terrible Leprechaun movies. The first one is on Netflix by the way.

10. Put Pandora on an Irish music station and color Celtic knot-work coloring sheets.

11. Watch Riverdance together... stay away from Lord of the Dance though if you're new to Irish dance. It'll kinda freak you out and turn you off from the whole idea.

12. Make Guinness cupcakes together and eat the whole dang batch.

13. If the weather is right, have a picnic of Irish food in the park and look for four leaf clovers afterwards.

14. Make Irish coffee, cuddle up and watch the St Patrick's Day specials on History, TLC and Discovery.

15. Host a small adult-only St. Patrick's Day shindig at your home. Don't forget the green beer!

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  1. This is such a fun list! I've never thought of St. Patrick's Day in terms of what I can do as a couple. We used to go to an Irish tavern on St. Patrick's Day and have green beer and Irish food, but that's been a good many years :-)

  2. Guinness cupcakes??? Oooh. Have to try those. Thanks for sharing some great ideas!

  3. Many great fun things to do and try! Thanks for sharing.

  4. I loved Lord of the Dance back in the day! These are great tips though. I have to try Guinness Cupcakes!

  5. This is an awesome list! My husband just started drinking coffee so I think it'll be fun to make Irish coffee this year! ps. I'd love to have you link up again with us at MeetUp Monday! http://www.thequinntessentialmommy.com/meet-up-monday/meetup-monday-9/

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  7. Thanks for linking up at SimplePlate.net! #Simply Sundays. Great ideas here!

  8. Thanks for linking up at SimplePlate.net! #Simply Sundays. Great ideas here!

  9. I've never really thought much about celebrating St Patrick's Day, but reading through your list makes think that eating potato pancakes and watching Riverdance would be a really great night!

  10. These are such fun ideas. I've never really done anything for St. Patrick's Day, but I'm excited to be going to a festival this year. I think making an Irish dinner or some Guinness cupcakes together would be so much fun!

  11. What cute ideas for St. Patrick's Day! Guinness cupcakes sound fantastic. Visiting form the Mom Blog Party

  12. How do you make a whole menu with only green food. I would love to see your menus. Some really great ideas here. #FeatureFridays

  13. so many fun ideas! I need to try some of these tonight haha. thanks for sharing!!

    stop by for a chat! http://storybookapothecary.com ♥

  14. Such a good list. My hubby and the boys have scouts so I will be renting Annie.

  15. Nice ideas. I love Irish food and music :) Thanks for sharing at Together on Tuesdays!

  16. Great ideas...awesome! Thanks for linking up and sharing with us at Funtastic Friday. Hope to see you again this week.

  17. thanks for the great ideas! I'm Dutch Irish and definitely will be making corned beef and cabbage - maybe even some soda bread! :P I might have to throw in Irish coffee ♥


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