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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Easy Healthy Greek Yogurt "Soup" for Toddlers {toddler food}

I accidentally created this concoction last week when I was looking for a healthy snack for my two year old son. He had been munching on Goldfish and animal crackers all day and was in need of something a little more nutritious. The soups is made from a fruit pouch, plain Greek yogurt and honey. I first mixed the pureed fruit and yogurt together thinking it would create a creamy sweet fruit yogurt, but it turned out to be rather runny and bitter. So I added the honey and it became thinner, sweeter and very tasty. I gave it to my son and he LOVED it. He ate every last drop. 

Here's what you need:

A fruity or fruit/veggie blend pouch or 3.5oz of pureed fruit of your choice.
1 heaping tbsp of plain Greek yogurt
2 tbsp of honey

Blend all the ingredients in a bowl until smooth.
Be sure to blend in any chunks of Greek yogurt to avoid bitter bites.
The mixture should be runny like like soup.

My kid has a man-sized appetite so he'll polish of a whole bowl but half a serving of this should satisfy your tot. Refrigerate leftovers and use within 24 hours.

Hope your little one enjoys this "soup" as much as mine does!

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  1. Ohhhh what a good idea! My daughter eats yogurt but those fruit pouches she only will eat from time to time. I'd like to try this with some of the veggie pouches she won't even touch! Haha

  2. That looks like such an easy, healthy recipe to make! What a great idea, especially when you're looking for variety for the little guys!

  3. I love Greek yogurt and honey makes it even better.

  4. looks like it was a pleaer and sounds yummy

  5. That looks yummy! Hope my kids will love it too! Will definitely try this nutritious food


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