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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Our trip to Avalon Renaissance Faire in Kilgore, TX

Here's my first blog post featuring me and my family!

Me and the family went to the new Avalon Faire in Kilgore, TX for my 30th birthday yesterday.
Well, it wasn't really FOR my birthday... we wen't ON my birthday but it was pretty fitting since I went to my very first  faire on my 19th birthday. So... yeah. Cute, right?

Besides my own (yes, I have a faire), Avalon is only the third faire I've ever visited. Going to other faire is pretty necessary for me right now. I like to go to take notes on what to do, what NOT to do and to recruit vendors and entertainers for my faire

Plus, I can't pass up a chance to dress up the entire family on a not-Halloween day!
Also the people who started this faire and work this faire are big supporters of my faire, so I needed to go reciprocate the love and support they've given me for the past three years.
Mother Nature had rained buckets on this poor new faire all week and it turned into a serious mud pit. Even this poor falcon was like, "Yo dawg, this is jacked up."
Anywho... here are some pics taken with my new camera!
Quick camera story - my husband bought a $680 camera off a dude for $100. The guy's wife had only used it once for a birthday party. It was sitting gathering dust and he wanted the money more than he did the camera. So YEAH!


  And yes, this is a giant walking, talking tree. A little creepy a first, but once you get used to him, he's actually pretty dang majestic.
Have you ever been to a renaissance faire?

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