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Monday, May 9, 2016

Keywords to Use When Shopping Online for Bohemian Jewelry

I loooove ethnic jewelry - it's perfect for a bohemian look but because I had no idea of what exactly it was that I looking for I used to spend hours trying to find it: "Um, it looked like this with a little bit of that and it looked like it might have come from.... Africa? Maybe?"

Knowing exactly what to type in the search bar when shopping online for bohemian jewelry can save you so much time and can help you build a stunning jewelry collection of gorgeous authentic pieces from all over the world. 

This is the second of a few more posts to come about helpful keywords to use when shopping for bohemian clothing. In this particular post, I'll be discussing hot keywords to use to find beautiful bohemian jewelry.

Enjoy and stay tuned for more to come!


 -- Belly Dance --
This jewelry is usually very shiny, lightweight and very affordable with some pieces  starting as low 99 cents. But beware, the lower prices often times reflects lower quality as this jewelry is meant to be worn occasionally and not necessarily for daily wear. The upside to this jewelry is it is usually very easy to repair should it come apart and the low price allows you to buy quite a variety so not one piece in particular is taking a beating.
Belly Dance Costume Necklace - $5.40

-- Bollywood --
This term will bring up the sparkling ornate jewelry worn by women in India while in formal dress. This style of jewelry is most commonly seen by us Westerners in Bollywood movies so the jewelry companies have made the search easier for us by calling it by what we know. Bollywood style jewelry is usually heavy, of great quality and comes in a set of a necklace with matching earrings. You can also search for "Indian Bridal Jewelry" and get almost the same results but, Indian bridal jewelry sets come with forehead jewelry known as a maang tikka.
Indian Bridal Set with Maang Tikka - $79.90

-- Kuchi --
(or Kochi) are are Afghan Pashtun nomads and their jewelry is out of this world! It is heavy, sturdy and is often made from seed beads, bells, real coins and embroidered fabric. Because Kuchi jewelry is favored by American Tribal style belly dancers, it is very easy to find online. Kuchi jewelry is often vintage but there has been a rise in a modern more affordable style that is very easy to find by simply using the same keyword. You'll be able to tell the difference as the vintage jewelry is oxidized, which makes the metal dull. The new Kuchi jewelry is very shiny and and often times features mirrors and gemstones.

Kuchi Necklace - $37.00

-- Native American --
Using the term "Native American" will bring up both authentic and (more affordable) replicated jewelry. Often made of turquoise and other polished stones, silver and wood or bone beads, Native American jewelry is perfect for the bohemian who prefers a more earthy or tribal look.
Cuff featuring Turquoise, Coral, Lapis Luzuli, and Yellow Coral - $110

This will bring up a wide variety of jewelry - a lot of which you might already
own but didn't know that it was made by the hands of artisans in Peru (AND fairly traded!). "Peruvian" as a keyword that will bring up ornate wire sculpted chandelier earrings, bracelets, large stone rings and best of all those colorful woven friendship bracelets we all love so much.
Handmade Peruvian Earrings - $13.99

This is jewelry made by the Turkic people located primarily in Central Asia, in the states of Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Northern Pakistan, Syria, Iraq and North Caucasus. It is large, very ornate and often features enameled metal (typically in red, blues and green) and dangling chains. Turkmen jewelry is another favorite among American Tribal belly dancers, so it is pretty easy to find online. And like the Kuchi jewelry, Turkmen jewelry is most likely to vintage originals.

Turkoman jewelry. Source: Tribal Muse. Click for more info.

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