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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Wedding Anniversary / Mother's Day Weekend

Me and the husband's fifth wedding anniversary was on the 8th and Mother's  Day was Sunday so we celebrated it all as one lump holiday this weekend. 
Friday the 8th, the date of our anniversary, we all went to eat dinner at Cracker Barrel. I know Cracker Barrel doesn't seem like a very romantic spot for a fifth wedding anniversary celebration, but it's where we went to eat breakfast the morning after our wedding, so there's some significance behind our laziness.

Saturday, we went to Sci-Port Discovery Center in Shreveport, LA (about 75 miles away) and then on to the Louisiana Boardwalk for some food and to find my mom a Mother' Day Gift. Sooooo.... here are some pics from our special weekend.


And then at the Boardwalk.
I finally had my first Bloody Mary and it was crazy awesome.

Shameless bathroom selfie.
Happy Late Mother's Day to all you moms, mom's-to-be, fur-moms, dad-moms, etc...

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