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Friday, June 19, 2015

Faux tarnish for embossed metal jewelry {DIY boho}

When I first got these bracelets, they were very, very shiny. They were so shiny, in fact that you couldn't even make out the beautiful designs on them. After about a year of almost daily wear, the designs began to become more noticeable but still not the way I'd like. So I decided to speed up the "aging" process that adds so much depth and personality to embossed jewelry.
No worries - I'm not ruining any silver heirlooms or anything like that. These bracelets aren't real silver, but they are sturdy, they don't rust and they only cost about $1 each on eBay!

Black acrylic paint and toilet paper.

I used my finger to smear a layer of black paint onto the bracelet, making sure to rub it into all the tiny crevices.
I really don't mind getting my hands messy but if you want to try this yourself, you can use a paintbrush to apply the paint instead of your fingers.

Immediately after applying the paint, I used folded toilet paper to gently wipe the paint from the surface of the bracelet.
Don't wad the toilet paper it or it will wipe away the paint in the crevices.

I used fresh toilet paper (also folded) to gently buff the remaining paint of the design to restore shine.
It's ok if the paint dries a little on the surface, it will come right off when you buff it.

NOTE: To reverse your tarnish, scrub your jewelry clean with toothpaste, water and an old toothbrush.

See the difference? The bracelet on top has been "tarnished". The one on the bottom with the peacocks hasn't been done yet.
See how the design on the top bracelet stands out? Neat huh?!

In the photo below is the peacock bracelet with a new "tarnished" finish.


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