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Friday, September 4, 2015

What to do when you're a sick stay-at-home mom

What to do when you're a sick stay-at-home mom

How nice would it be if we never had to fight through another fever to care for a home and  kids ever again? Husband gets to call off from work when he gets the sniffles. The kids get to stay home from school and watch cartoons - but mom? Pssshhh...  Nope.
Unfortunately sometimes we get a little more than "under the weather." Illnesses like the flu, stomach viruses and food poisoning might result in us not being about to take care of our homes, children or even ourselves. Not being able to care for your home and family can be very frustrating and can leave you feeling just plain depressed and hopeless.  But listen up mommies! If find yourself coughing up a lung or blasting from both ends all hope is not lost. Yes, you just might have to continue a few of your motherly duties like breastfeeding and changing diaper but here are a few ways to help your family help you on your road to recovery.

▲ First things first - if you feel symptoms of an illness coming on, go ahead and get prepared to be "out of order" for a day or two.
Lay out the kid's clothes for the next day
Pack lunches that night for school-aged children
Clean the kitchen so it doesn't get too out of hand while you're down

▲ Ask for help - See if daddy can take off from work, come home early or check on you and the kids during his lunch break.  If at all possible have a trusted family member or friend come pick up your kiddos and get them out of the house completely so you can rest with no worries and not spread your illness if you're contagious.

▲ ACCEPT help - if your husband, mother-in-law, eldest child etc is offering to help you, LET THEM!! Don't let pride and stubbornness get in the way a speedy recovery.

▲ Forget the housework - Washing dishes and putting away the laundry isn't going to do much to help you recover so just leave it be. If you can't stand to have your home out of order and you have  a spouse or older children at home, it's time for them to step up and help out! If you're single and your children are too young or daddy is too busy ask a friend or family member to swing by each day to help tidy up.

▲ Let the kids entertain themselves while you're down -  This is one day when letting the kids marathon-watch Sesame Street on Netflix all day is quite acceptable. Let them color, play video games or any activity that will keep them busy and quiet for an extended period of time so you can rest.

▲ Skip the kisses and cuddles. If you're sick with a highly contagious illness like a cold or flu, try your best to keep your distance from your family to avoid infecting them as well.

▲ Sick with an infant?  Keep diapers, wipes, formula and anything else you may need for your baby close at hand. Avoid kisses and excessive cuddling so you do not spread germs to your baby.

▲ When you're well again - Be sure to wash your bedding, pillows and pajamas as soon as you're well. Clean anything you've come in contact with a disinfectant; especially door knobs, remote controls, computer keyboard and the toilet you destroyed.

Hope this helps and get well soon!

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