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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

50+ Brilliant Ways to Reuse Bed Sheets {frugal living}

50+ Brilliant Ways to Reuse Bed Sheets {frugal living}

I've been working on this blog post for hoooouuuurs I'm so excited to share this post with you, I'm going to skip the formal introduction and just get right to it! Here are 50+ absolutely, positively brilliant ways to reuse bed sheets. 

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NOTE: Many project encourage the use of vintage bed sheets - these can be easily obtained at a low cost form thrift stores, garage sales and relatives.

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    1. Make your own yarn
    2. No-sew window curtains
    3. Give your bed a groovy tie-dye makeover
    4. Sew your own pajama pants
    5. Use to line pet crates
    6. Make a bed skirt from one flat sheet
    7. DIY teepee
    8. Fill up a blank wall with your own customized printed wall art
    9. Sew your own vintage-style dress
    10. Use a queen or kin sized sheet for a beach blanket
    11. Make a super simple tent for shade
    12. Sew THIS amazing maxi-skirt
    13. Toga! Toga! Toga!
    14. Make good old fashioned ghost costume for Halloween
    15. Sew a cute apron
    16. Picnic blanket
    17. Make your own vintage shower curtain
    18. One hula hoop + one bed sheet = a cool multi purpose canopy
    19. Turn kids movie or cartoon themed sheets into cool kitschy skirt
    20. DIY mummy costumes
    21. Donate to your local animal shelter
    22. Drop cloth for painting
    23. Sew a beautiful hooded cape
    24. DIY drawstring laundry bag
    25. Cover your outdoor plants in winter to protect them from frost
    26. Blanket forts!
    27. Use as a backdrop for professional looking photos
    28. Hang up a plain white sheet to use as a movie projector screen for movie night outdoors!
    29. Make your own rag-rug.
    30. Use a Christmas printed sheet as a simple Christmas tree skirt
    31. Mount pieces of sheets into embroidery hoops for unique and effortless wall decor
    32. Sew gorgeous cocktail napkins from vintage sheets
    33. DIY "brick wall" for kid's stage plays and medieval themed parties
    34. No-sew pillow covers
    35. Cut up old sheets to make a new quilt
    36. Imagine: bridesmaids dresses each made from a different vintage bed sheet!
    37. Use to make large signs and banners - simply paint on your desired wording and design
    38. Sew yourself this beautiful kimono dress
    39. Make a ruffly shabby chic wreath like THIS!
    40. Instant table cloth
    41. Make a comfy hammock - great for camping
    42. Fill an entire wall with bed sheet art. Tutorial HERE (in Portugese)
    43. Cut into large squares and hem to make cloth napkins
    44. Sew a pretty dress for a little girl
    45. Make a quick and easy sleeping bag liner
    46. Sew a circle skirt
    47. Make your own duvet cover!
    48. Make an emergency baby sling 
    49. Cut sheets into squares and use as cleaning or shop rags
    50. Sew a set of sheets for your baby's crib or toddler's bed
    51. Moving? Wrap sheets around your breakables before backing them into boxes.
    52.  Make a few reusable shopping bags
    53. Fruit-Catcher - Lay a sheet down below a fruit tree, give it a shake and bundle your harvest.
    54. Cut into strips for emergency bandages
    55. Revamp and old bulletin board
    56. Make a fancy tufted headbaord
    57. Use as a huge canvas for serious outdoors painting fun for kids
    58. Keep in your car to protect your seats in case of picking up stray animals, dumpster diving, sick kids, etc.
    59. Give a bedroom a seriously fun makeover with colorful mixed match bed sheets like HERE and HERE.

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