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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Patents as Art Posters {review}

Patents as Art Posters {review}

Score one for old wifey here. When I got this gun patent poster in my mail and unrolled it, my husband's eyes lit up with delight. "Cool!" he exclaimed.
Cool indeed. My husband is a gun enthusiast so I knew this poster would just tickle him all over.

Gun patent poster

This particular poster came from a great new site www.patentsasart.com. Patents as Art has a crazy huge selection of posters featuring different patents for out most beloved inventions. 
Patents include the first Mercedes Benz, the blood pressure cuff,  Edison's light bulb, the cotton gin, the original Barbie Doll and even the patent for Michael Jackson's anti-gravity shoes!
Categories include auto mechanics, dentistry, military, entertainment, sports and MUCH more.
And are you ready for this? Framing options are available on the site. Neat!

Gun patent Poster

These posters are great for both and office and would make a friggin sweet gift for pretty much anyone you know. I'm not trying to pimp this product just for sales and commission - I'm not even getting that. I'm am just plumb fascinated with the idea of using historical patents as art!
With Christmas right around the corner - I think I pretty much just answered your yearly gift-giving dilemma.
Posters for everyone the year!!

Gun patent poster from www.patensasart.com

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