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Saturday, December 12, 2015

5 great super cheap super last minute Christmas gifts

5 great super cheap super last minute Christmas gifts

It's Christmas Eve's Eve and you've just realized you've forgotten gifts for a person or two... or three. Uh oh! You're strapped for cash, but you don't wanna leave anyone out. What to do? Well, check out this list of great low cost SUPER last minute Christmas gifts.


A vintage Christmas record:
Usually under $1 each, Christmas records are fun and kitschy yet rather practical. Older people will appreciate them as they're sure to make them feel all warm and fuzzy and nostalgic. Younger folks will be thrilled to add another record to their collection and kids... well, they probably don't even know what a record is, so don't bother. Where to find records?  I can bet money that you WILL find one in the record bin at any thrift store. 
TIP: Be sure to check the record for scratches before you buy!!

Christmas themed limited edition foods: 
Simply go to the grocery store and browse for any brand-name food that has released a special Christmas version of their product. 
TIP: Cookies, candies, sodas, coffee and tea are most likely to release Christmas items.

Something in a jar:
Cute, cheap and effortless! Check out this post by Craftaholics Anonymous for a long list of great "gift-in-a-jar" ideas.
51 Christmas Gift in a Jar Ideas

What you already have:
Look in your closet for clothing and accessories with tags still on them. Check your bathroom for unopened makeup and nail polish. Raid your jewelry box for barely worn like-new jewelry. Unopened DVDs? Got books you've never read? Unopened bottle of wine? Antiques? Wrap it up and gift it!
Tip: If you really want to impress, give one person a nice package of several items. Like, a necklace, a book AND a bottle of wine. You can afford to be generous here. It's all free!

A gift certificate for a free personal service:
Make up a gift certificate or a book of coupons for free a special service that a person would really appreciate. Take over a few of their chores or offer to do something you know they'll really appreciate. Here are a few services to consider:
"Laundry for a Month"
"4 Free Car Washes"
"1 Free Family Photo Session"
"Chauffeur for A Week"
"6 Free Back Massages"

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