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Saturday, January 16, 2016

25 FREE and Super Effective Ways to Boost Blog Traffic {Blogging for Profit}

25 FREE and Super Effective Ways to Boost Blog Traffic {Blogging for Profit}

Some people blog just for fun but some of us do it for fun AND profit. There are many websites and advertisers out there that require bloggers to have a certain amount of monthly page views before they are allowed to contribute to the site's content or review products. There's nothing wrong with that. It's good business. They're just wanting to make sure that they're partnering with a blogger who has a large audience so their business gets a ton of exposure. If you're ready to dive into the world of professional blogging and you're needing a big traffic boost check out these 25 free and super effective ways to not only get those precious page views but followers as well!


  1. Participate in link-up parties several times a week. Get started HERE.
  2. Create a Facebook fan page.
  3. Make sure your posts are shareable. Put a social media sharing widget somewhere in or around your posts to make sharing easy.
  4. Check out my post How to be a Pinterest NINJA! 6 super sneaky ways to get noticed on Pinterest.
  5. Network with other bloggers. You can find link-minded blogger from a simple Google search.
  6. Guest post on other blogs.
  7. Make sure the name of your blog reflects your personality and blog theme. Made up examples:  Sporty Thrifty Mom, Dog Loving Daddy, A Yogi in Texas, Marriage & Recipes. 
  8. Share posts on Twitter - don't forget relevant hashtags.
  9. Share posts on Instagram - don't forget to put include blog post link and plenty of relevant hashtags in the description.
  10. Submit posts to Reddit.
  11. Share your posts on your personal Facebook wall for friends and family to enjoy as well.
  12. Join Pinterest group boards. I have a few you might be interested in joining: All Things BohemianFamily, Fun, Food & Frugality, Boho-Hippie Pregnancy & Parenting.
  13. Join Facebook groups for bloggers. Check out my post:  The NEWBIE shares: Tripling blog views, comments and followers with Facebook in just one month
  14. Post older blog posts on Facebook for any new follower to see.
  15. Connect with a business or Etsy seller and host a giveaway for a cool product.
  16. Post fresh, good quality content at least twice a week
  17. Use catchy titles that spark curiosity.
  18. Learn a few basics about SEO and make changes to your website.
  19. Make sure your blog is mobile-friendly. You should be able to fix this in your blog's settings.
  20. Add your blog URL to your email signature
  21. Clean up your blog - delete posts you know aren't very good, delete space-wasting just-for-fun widgets and poor performing ads. No one likes a junky blog!  This will also help your blog load faster.
  22. Use good quality photos or stock images in all your posts. Check out my post: 5 Super Awesome Sites for 100% FREE Stock Images for your Blog Posts for a list of great sites to use.
  23. Improve your graphic and blog design skills.
  24. Blog about your opinion on current controversial hot topics. 
  25. Join BlogLovin' -  a massive and super popular blog directory that is very easy to use.

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