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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Effortless Bohemian DIY Wall Hanger with Bonus Beer Cap Flower Tack {DIY boho/bohemian}

Behold! A DIY project... by me!
It's a pretty darn lazy project but, hey - it's original and I made it! YAY!
So basically all I did was hot glued some stuff together to make this sweet and simple wall hanger with a a quirky little twist. This isn't a tutorial for how to make a cool wall hanger - it's more just inspiration for you and sharing how I made it. 
This wall hanger is made from bohemian style Christmas ornaments I found on clearance. I had no idea what to do with them as they were an impulsive buy and sat on the kitchen table for days. So I decided to put them together to make one great piece. I don't think you'll have these exact items laying around your home, but if you have something similar that you would like to give purpose then come join the hot gluing party!

Not sure what to use? Here's a few suggestions: coasters from cool restaurants, dream catchers, doilies (and with the right glue) china tea saucers. The possibilities are endless! 
This is the first post pf many to come about using stuff from around your home to create art and cool home decor.



4 Christmas ornaments found on clearance at Romancing the Stone (Earthbound Trading Company)

Lone fake flower that's been floating around the kitchen and living room

One thumb tack

Beer cap

Hot glue 

Lay out your doodads the way you'd like to see them on the wall.  If they have hangers already on them, make sure the doohickies are face down .

Hot glue everything into place.

Hey! My ring matches this God's eye! It's a sign we're meant to be!

Glue, glue, glue...


Beer Blossom Tack

Disassemble the flower. All you have to do is pull out the stem. There might be a little plastic piece sticking out of the butt of the flower. It shouldn't have any wire in it so you should be able to just snip that off with regular scissors. 

If you wanna save your leaf like I did to add to your flower for a little extra color, just simply pull the plastic bit out the middle for easier manipulation.

Glob on a lot of hot glue to the back of your flower and place a thumb tack (flat tack is fine) right in the center. Make sure the glue is starting to harden before letting it go to dry on its own.
It should be completely dry in about 5 minutes.

Glue your beer cap to the center and celebrate!
Don't have a beer cap? Use a button, brooch, whatever you like! 

And there ya go!

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