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Monday, April 25, 2016

25+ Natural, Fair Trade & Eco-Friendly Companies with Affiliate Marketing Programs {Affiliate programs for green, earth-conscious bloggers}

If you're a blogger with a passion for pure, natural and organic living then you're in luck. These online stores and brands below are looking for bloggers like YOU to help them spread the word of their products. In exchange for becoming an affiliate, these companies will pay you commission for every sale you generate through ad placement on your blog, product reviews and link shares.

All of these companies require you to have a ShareASale account to join their program. If you haven't already joined Share-A-Sale affiliate marketplace, please feel free to join using my referral link below.

When you're done signing up, come back to this post and click on "JOIN PROGRAM" at the end of each companies to description to join the affiliate programs of your choice.

What kind of blogger should join these programs?
Crunchy moms, hippies, homesteaders and urban gardeners, vegans, vegetarians and clean eaters, environmentalists, off-the-grid, survivalists, cruelty-free makeup and beauty enthusiasts and anyone who gives a darn about doing what's right for themselves, for others, and the planet.

All of these companies offer eco-friendly clothing, furniture, baby gear, beauty products, office supplies and more that are some or all of the following: Certified organic, vegan, cruelty free, fair trade and recycled.

Please note: this post will be updated monthly as new programs are added to the ShareASale affiliate marketplace or if commission changes or if any programs are no longer available. New programs will also be added as I discover them.

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Aloha features specially blended teas, special blend vitamins, smoothie mixes, snacks and more. All food products are vegan and and packaged and shipped in 99% recycled materials.

Commission: Per Sale 10%      Per Lead:  $10.00     JOIN PROGRAM

Avishi Organics develops USDA certified organic, therapeutic skin care treatments for pregnancy, post-partum, mothers and babies that are free from chemicals, toxic substances, cheap fillers and other harmful additives. 

Commission: 20% Per Sale     JOIN PROGRAM

Earth Mama Angel Baby features organic herbal remedies and product for mama and baby. They also have natural products for pregnancy, postpartum recovery, breastfeeding, full gift sets and even baby loss healing gifts.

Commission: 20% Per Sale     JOIN PROGRAM

Earth Tech features a huge variety of solar powered items including panels, backpacks, phone chargers, camping gear, home lighting, innovative gadgets and much more.

Commission: 10% Per Sale     JOIN PROGRAM

Eat Cleaner is the tasteless, odorless and lab-tested line of food wash and wipes that is up to 99.9% more effective than water in cleaning wax, pesticide residues and bacteria from commercially and organically grown produce.

Commission: 17% Per Sale     JOIN PROGRAM

Eco Lunchbox features plastic free bento boxes, food storage and other eco-friendly on-the-go food carriers. 

Commission: 10% Per Sale      JOIN PROGRAM

The Garden Tower is the only planter system which integrates composting and nutrient recycling turning kitchen scraps to organic veggies.  

Commission: 16%     JOIN PROGRAM

GoSun Stove is a one of a kind, practical fuel-free cooking solution. Only 20 minutes to a meal, reaching up to 550°F/ 290°C, the GoSun is the lightest, fastest, easiest and most efficient solar cooker in the world.

Commission 10%     JOIN PROGRAM

Green Kid Crafts is a subscription box delivered monthly with fun, creative and eco-friendly crafts and STEM activities (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics).

Commission: $20.00 Per Sale     JOIN PROGRAM

GroVia & The Natural Baby Company features organic baby products including stylish cloth diapers,  carriers, toys and gift. Also includes a registry and rewards program for customers.

Commission: 10% Per Sale     JOIN PROGRAM

Guided features blank or custom binders, notebooks, CD cases, business cards, packaging and more made from recycled materials.

 Commission 7% Per Sale     JOIN PROGRAM

Using over 250 natural ingredients, Just Natural creates premium hair and skin care products rich in vitamin nutrients to revitalize and restore  hair and skin. (Natural pet care items too!)

Commission: 20% Per Sale     JOIN PROGRAM

Kali is a subscription service for women providing 100% Certified Organic Tampons and natural feminine essentials to subscribers each month. In addition to providing feminine hygiene products, Kali also donates $1 to Girl Up, the adolescent girl empowerment campaign, for every box sold, every month. 

 Commission: $5.00 Per Sale     JOIN PROGRAM

With the LOVE GOODLY box, every other month customers receive 5-7 cruelty-free, natural, vegan products, including a mix of full size products and deluxe samples of nontoxic beauty and skincare, healthy snacks wellness products, and eco style accessories.

Commission: 8% Per Sale     JOIN PROGRAM

LUX & ECO is an online luxury boutique that caters to those who lead a holistic lifestyle and desire the purest, most elegant products to be sustainably and ethically made. They provide an array of high-end, eco-friendly products and services in a variety of Fashion, Health & Beauty, Lifestyle, Home & Garden, Pets, Electronic, Gourmet Food, Library, and Vintage departments.

Commission: 10% Per Sale     JOIN PROGRAM

Naked Skin Bar features natural bath and beauty products. All products are fair trade and/or certified organic.  Products are also non-toxic and cruelty free.

Commission: 8% Per Sale     JOIN PROGRAM

Natures Paradise Skin Care provides organic skin care for the whole family. ThinTonic Detox Tea is a natural herbal weight loss tea for women. The products are 100% chemical free, paraben free, gmo free, sulfate free and synthetic free for the safest care. From baby products to adult anti aging products they cover the entire personal care needs for natural, vegan and organic living families. 

Commission: 20% Per Sale    JOIN PROGRAM

Our Green House offers a wide variety of natural organic products for the home and baby. Products includes home decor, toys, jewelry, gift sets and more.

Commission: 8% Per Sale     JOIN PROGRAM

Real Goods is the original solar company supplying equipment and products to power off-grid lifestyles since 1978. The product range includes renewal energy components, energy conservation tools, portable power systems, homesteading products, camping, gardening and more. 

Commission: 4% Per Sale     JOIN PROGRAM

Real Purity is an organic, cruelty-free body care and cosmetics company that uses only the finest, naturally-sourced ingredients to create personal care products for chemically insensitive and environmentally conscious consumers. 

Commission: 7% Per Sale     JOIN PROGRAM

Satsuma Designs is a US and internationally made Organic Baby Products company specializing in clothing, feeding, toys and travel gear. 

Commission: 15%  Per Sale    JOIN PROGRAM

Solar Sphere features huge variety of solar lighting and solar power kits.

Commission: 5% Per Sale     JOIN PROGRAM

The Ultimate Green Store provides a collection of the green products in hi-demand categories such as home and garden, office, baby, kids, pets, bath and beauty, clothing, bags, gifts, solar products and much more.

Commission: 10% Per Sale     JOIN PROGRAM

The Green Office features recycled and eco-friendly office supplies. 

Commission: 7.5% Per Sale     JOIN PROGRAM

Three Avocados is a non-profit coffee company. 100% of their net proceeds provide clean drinking water throughout the world. Their coffee is grown in Uganda and Nicaragua, by small farmers and they pay fair prices for high quality coffee to deliver you an amazing cup of coffee that also provides amazing benefits for the countries where the coffee is grown.

Commission:  12% Per Sale     JOIN PROGRAM

For over 40 years, Tom’s of Maine has been dedicated to bringing about positive change, both socially and environmentally. Their products are all natural – no animal testing or ingredients, and no artificial flavors, colors, fragrances, or preservatives. Tom’s of Maine is committed to using sustainable practices in every aspect of their business including maximizing the use of recycled content and recyclability of their packaging.

Commission: 12% Per Sale     JOIN PROGRAM

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