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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Affordable Bohemian Elephant Home Decor {Boho bohemian hippie home decor under$20}

So yeah, I'm a little obsessed with elephants. I looooooove elephants, especially baby elephants. I mean, come on! Look at that! How could you not love something so big and adorable?

I started collecting bohemian style and Indian elephant decor when I found a pair of large blue hand painted elephants form India at a flea market I used to have a booth at. Another booth owner begged me for them exclaiming, "But my living room is India themed!"
I was like... um no. Finders keepers. I got to them first.
She was SO angry with me and pouted and refused to talk to me the rest of the day. Had I actually cared about her hissy fit I would have explained to her that there's no way I'm going to give her something so beautiful for her THEMED living room that will probably re-done in a couple months in some other current trend. I saw those elephants as precious works of art, hand carved and painted by true Indian artists. I will keep them and cherish them for life.
Sorry, I got kind of riled up. I'm kind of sensitive about artisan crafts. Anywho, if you or someone you know loves elephants as much as I do, here are a few gorgeous AND very affordable pieces for your home. 
Everything is under $20!!


86" x 56" Tree of Life Tapestry - $8.85 or $2.85 used!

18" x 18" Pillow Cover - $5.99 + free shipping!

Soapstone Oil Warmer - $18.99

Shower Curtain - $17.99

38" x 14" Toran - $7.08


36" Toran - $15.00

Elephant on Map of India Vintage Poster Print 20" x 28" - $5.00

Indoor/Outdoor Wind Chime - $19.80 used

85" x 95"  Multi-Purpose Sheet - $19.90

7" Feng Shui Figurine - $10.99

Wooden Pencil Holder - $15.43

Indoor/Outdoor Wind Chimes - $16.06

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