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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Colorful Bohemian Outdoor Spaces & How to Get the Look {bohemian backyards, porches and patios}

My husband and I have been on the hunt for a house to buy. We're tired of renting and have no intentions of living in a mobile home for the rest of our lives. I've always wanted to have a super awesome crazy decked out bohemian patio to call my own so in the meantime while we house hunt I've been on Pinterest (um, a lot) looking up not just inspiration for my own patio but to see what neat things other's have done with their outdoor spaces as well. I'd like to share with you a but of what I've come across AND the goodies I've found that can make creating an outdoor bohemian hangout possible.
{All photographs of the bohemian spaces came from Pinterest. Please click on the image to get the pin link.}



Plastic Papel Picado Bunting - $7.99 + Free shipping

Patio Lights - $27.97

Plastic Bunting - $9.99


5 x 7 Outdoor Rug - $74.99 + Free Shipping

6 x 9 Reversible Outdoor Rug - $29.99
3 x 5 Outdoor Rug - $48.07 + Free Shipping


Set of 5 Candle Lanterns - $27.88

Turkish Style Ceiling Lamp - $89.95

Set of 6 Solar Garden Lights - $31.99


4-piece Set with Blank Waterproof Cushions - $179.00

▼Customize your cushions with vibrant outdoor upholstery fabric!▼

Hanging Basket Chair - $364.45 + Free Shipping

Moroccan Side Table (more colors available)  - $150 + Free Shipping

Set of 3 planters - $43.00 + Free Shipping


Set of 5 Indian Pillow Covers - $25.80

Set of 5 Suzani Cushion Covers - $58.36

So, What do you think? What are your favorite items featured here?


  1. gorgeous spaces! I love the cozy pillows and vibrant colors :) Not sure if it's my style, but I do love the lanterns and globe lights ♥

  2. These ideas are so beautiful! I love bohemian decor. This would make for such a relaxing space.


  3. I don't blame you for pining after these beautiful patio areas. I feel bad because we have a huge patio area but we don't do a thing with it. Originally it was because we had a huge dog who would have ruined it, but he passed away this winter. Sad, but I'll be happy to reclaim my backyard. Just need to find the time, energy, and money, but it would be so worth it to have a beautiful lounging area this summer.

  4. God I love the laterns... I could stay in these surroundings all day long!


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