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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

13 Manly Meatless Meals {Easy hearty vegetarian recipes)

At my house, I'll skip on the meat in our meals a few times a week to save on food-prep time AND money. Since we started eating less meat, our grocery bill has gown down dramatically. On another note though,  I am a believer that meat is an important part of the human diet (if you don't agree that's just fine with me but please don't leave rude comments!) - but I think we consume entirely too much of it. I mean, is it really necessary to eat a twelve ounce steak in one sitting?  Or have two or three patties on one burger? Our ever-growing obsession with meat in America could quite possibly be contributing to our rise in obesity, cancer and heart disease. 
So do yourself and your wallet a favor and lay off the meat a little, eh?

If you're wanting to cut back on meat to save money or for your health, here are a few meals that are perfect for the rough-tough guy who thinks meat-free is for sissies.
These meals are so hearty he won't even miss the meat!

I've tested many of these easy meals on my own manly-man carnivorous husband and he approves!


It's the bee's knees served over pasta!

There's really no limit to what you can put in there... except meat...

One of our faves!

I prefer nachos but these are still awesome!

Breakfast-for-Dinner: Eggs, hash browns, pancakes 
(or biscuits waffles or toast)
A common go-to dinner for when I'm feeling lazy or forgot to take meat out to thaw.
Well seasoned and crispy hash browns are a great replacement for the texture of bacon.

Check out this great post that has many different types of grilled cheese and tomato soups you can make. 

The only limit to a great loaded pizza is your imagination. 

On a meat-eating day, try adding from shrimp! MM good!

Also try the Pioneer Woman's recipe for the mushroom asparagus version!

There are all kinds of wonderful add-ins to turn boring ramen into a fantastic meal.

Look at that! Gosh yes.

Another good lazy-day dish!

You can make it creamy or tomato based. Either way is awesome.


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