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Thursday, March 12, 2015

The NEWBIE shares: the "INCOME REPORT" of a brand new blog

You've seen those posts, right? "How I make $10,000 a month blogging" and "$3,182, September's Income Report". You read them and you think, wow! Those bloggers make it look so easy! I'm gonna do what they do and get rich too! We'll, you probably had the sense not to think it'd be so easy, but I didn't. 

Three months ago, I blindly went into the blogging-for-profit game. I had no idea what I was doing or what I was getting myself into. I thought that if I put some ads on my blog I would become a millionaire overnight- as if some magic Fairy Ad-Mother would come along, click on an ad and buy a bazillion products from whatever company I'm promoting. Needless to say, that just doesn't happen. 
This is no Fairy Ad-Mother.
Only hard work.

So with all that being said,  I'm going to show you:
What money makers I've signed up with so far, how much I've made from them and how it's working for me.

If you just wanna see numbers here's a brief report but I highly encourage you to check out the detailed report as these low numbers might seem discouraging to a new blogger:

Share-A-Sale, 3 months......................... $47.40
Mom's Affiliate, 1 month...................... $12.00
BoostInsider, 1 week............................... $2.14
Media.net, 1 month..................................$2.90
Top Ten Hen 1 week.................................$0.85
Amazon, 1 week.............................................$0
TOTAL: $65.29

The Full Report:

So far my money has come form paid posts for Mod Cloth, Zulily, Little Passports, Aloha, Groop Dealz, ad placement for Grammarly and commission from Abe's Market sales.... um from stuff I bought.
When I first joined the Share-A-Sale, I only joined a few programs that were one-hundred percent relevant to children's product. I later decided to branch out and joined several more programs and the blogging bonuses began come flood my inbox!

I really like Mom's Affiliate because it's so easy to use and I think it's pretty ideal for noobs like me.
So far I've been approached by one company to write a post for them for $10.
After adding the referral link for Mom's Affiliate, I earned $2 for one referral.

This program is a little tricky. It think it'll be good for others but not for me. Boost Insider gives you certain products to promote via any social media form including your blog and you get paid per click.
This is actually a pretty easy program but the products are (so far) pretty irrelevant to my theme of parenting and frugality. I am, however, going to stick with this program for a little while longer in hopes that maybe they will give me more relevant products to promote in the near future.

This is a good pay-per-click/contextual ad program. The ads are always very relevant and are for companies that I would surely buy from.  I'm sure my earnings would be a little higher if my blog were a little better established.

Top Ten Hen is one of my fave pay-per-click's so far. With Top Ten Hen you share very interesting articles that are often time offbeat and humorous just how I like it! The content is right up my ally! This program would work better for me if I had a higher following thought but I'm definitely going to stick with them because I'm sure my audience will increase with time.

I saw that Amazon works great for other bloggers so I immediately joined their affiliate program as soon as I heard about it. My mistake has been not promoting any items. Can't make commission if you don't pimp the products, right? 

So that's my earnings over the course of three months. There are SO many good programs to join that have more earning opportunities but they require you to have x-amount of monthly page views that I'm nowhere close to.
Please keep in mind, I didn't really find my niche until the second month of blogging and I was only promoting posts on Facebook and Twitter to very few followers. So, if I had gotten off to a better and more organized start, I'm sure these numbers would be much higher.
So there you have it. An open and honest "income report" of  three month old blog. Now I'm going to go take my $65.29, retire and live a long rich full life on the shores of  Cali.

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  1. Thanks for pulling the veil away. Most of us have no clue how much (or little) money there is in blogging professionally. Based on your report, I think I'm gonna stick to my day-job. :-)

  2. Wow so much work. So many bloggers literally make a living just from blogging, like they don't have any other income besides their blog whatsoever. I can't imagine how much work that must be! Good luck!

  3. Love this! Getting started is the toughest part.

  4. That sure makes me feel better as a beginner blogger. Better as in I'm not doing something wrong and things take time.

  5. Congratulations! It's nice when you start getting some income from your blog!

  6. Very cool, thanks for sharing. I am just delving in, taking a class with By Regina beginning next month on monetizing. I am sure that I will be trying to keep my head above water! But figure why not jump in with both feet? Good luck, looking forward to seeing your next update!

  7. congrats! You'll only grow from here.

  8. Congratulations on making your first blogging profit. Your honesty inspires me to keep doing what I'm doing. Thanks for sharing. I love your honesty

  9. This was a very interesting article to read! Thanks for sharing, and for being so honest! Contrats on what you've accomplished so far - it's can only go up from here! I've always wondered the "truth" of what the numbers look out when you are just starting out with advertising. I've been researching advertising, but I'm only 4 months into blogging and I'm worried I don't get enough trouble to make it worthwhile?

    1. I meant I don't get enough traffic, whoops!

  10. Congrats on your earnings! It's incredible that you've already started earning money right at the gate. I didn't start until over a year in. I didn't even know it was a thing! I just love to write. Looking forward to more income reports and tips!

  11. I need to look into advertising on my blog. Right now I am earning with product reviews and sponsored posts.

  12. Hey - it's definitely a start! :) I've been blogging for a few years, but this is the first year I am really focusing on trying to monetize my blog - so it's reassuring seeing posts like this! Keep it up!

  13. Very nice. I like how you gave the breakdown for each earning source. I've really bene trying to build up a passive income, but I'm starting to feel like it's just not working. I'm thinking that I need to start focusing more on digital products.

  14. Thank you so much for this, I'm a new blogger (less than a month new!) I love to write but I just feel like I'll never get any traffic! I just love to write and will continue to do so, I'm looking forward to reading your other posts about starting out. Its lovely to come across a new blog.


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