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Monday, April 13, 2015

Boho on a Budget: 10 DIY Home Decor Projects {DIY bohemian}

Boho on a Budget: 10 DIY Home Decor Projects {DIY bohemian}

 I love all things bohemian and I'd much rather DIY cheaply than buy so I'd like to share with you a few great low cost projects I've come across recently.

The person that shared this project spent about $50 on it but I'm sure if you look for vintage scarves in just the right places or use your own collection, the project should cost less than $20.

A hoop, a doily, some string and ribbon can become the dream catcher of your... dreams. 
Oh, yeah. I went there.

Super artsy and super easy to make.

This right here! I'm in love with this project!

Cancel all my plans, I gotta make these now!

Not only does this look great on all white, but I think it would be great for trimming an old sari or an ethnic print blanket to further enhance it's vibrancy.

This is just plain awesome.

How brilliant is this? These chairs are so awesome I'd have them indoors!.

I would do this with scraps of sari fabric for a more exotic flair. You can find affordable bundles of sari fabric on eBay HERE.

Genius. Pure awesome genius.

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Feeling inspired? Check out this awesome book.
Seriously, it's like, my favorite book like, ever.


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