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Monday, January 11, 2016

20 Unique and Affordable Valentine's Day Date Ideas for Adults {Date Night}

20 Unique and Affordable Valentine's Day Date Ideas for Adults {Date Night}

1. Have a picnic. Is it too cold outside? Just lay a blanket out on the living room floor.

2. Have a classic romance movie marathon on Netflix. Don't forget the theater style popcorn and candy!

3. After dinner, head to a fancy restaurant and have only have dessert.

4. Go out to eat but order two or three plates of appetizers. Depending on where you go this is cheaper than a full meal and is still plenty of food to fill your tummy.

5. Go see a local band or musician or stop by an open-mic night.

6. Go miniature golfing or hit the batting cages. If this isn't your thing, give it a shot anyway! It'll be hilarious to watch each other flub and fail.

7. Make a love themed collage using magazine clippings, old photos, scraps of fabric, paints, anything!

8. Go to an art gallery or a museum. Call around first or browse online to see who's offering discounts or having free exhibits.

9. Go ice or roller skating.

10. Play in the snow and have a snow sculpture competition. The loser has to wash dishes for a week.

11. Go Bowling in crazy Valentines themed clothing or costumes.

12. Play the DIY sexy dice game.

13. Be a tourist in your own city and check out historical markers, museums and tourist hot spots. Be sure to take cheesy tourist photos!

14. Go camping.

15. Make a time-capsule and fill it with items that represent your relationship like love letters, one of your wedding invitations or a receipt from a recent date.

16. Go to a laid back coffee shop and just chill out or try out a coffee shop you've never been to.

17. Buy cheap copy of the Kama Sutra and read it together.

18. Brows photos from your dating days, then engagement photos, then wedding photos. Watch your wedding video if you have one.

19. Go to a casino with only $10 each.

20. Dress super fancy and go out to eat somewhere cheap like Taco Bell, McDonalds or Denny's.

So what are your plans for Valentines Day this year?

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