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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Eco-Crayons, All Natural Crayons Review + Earth Day GIVEAWAY!!

The winner of this giveaway is Nikki B!
Check your email, girly!

Hello all! This is only my third giveaway for this particular blog and I'm so that I get to share with you these awesome crayons provided by Eartheasy.com. In case your're not familiar with the company (which is a dang shame if you're not LOL), Eartheasy is a spectacular online store that features environmentally friendly products for home and garden. They also offer an enormous selection of products for travelemergency preparedness,  water conservation, energy efficiency and much more you may need for sustainable living.

Eco-Crayons are made from all natural ingredients: beeswaxcarnauba waxsoy wax, and mineral pigments. They come in 8 rich colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown and black.

The large shape is perfect for little hands and big coloring projects.
When my kiddies are being a little too rowdy and I need a few minutes of quiet time to concentrate on a blog post or other important matters, my favorite thing to do is lay out a large cardboard box and let them scribble and doodle as long as they want.  If the box is big enough, I'll let them climb inside and decorate the walls of their super duper cardboard fortress.  

I know you all don't get to see these little critters often. This is my son River, he's 3.  And my baby girl Cedar is 19 months.  River is definitely the more artistic of the two but they're both enjoying these crayons!  

Now here comes the good part! How would you like to score a set of Eco-Crayons for your little ones as a nice Earth Day present? (Er, or for yourself, hmmm???)

If you're feeling understandably impatient and you want those crayons NOW you can order them HERE from Eartheasy.com

Contest ends 04/17/2016

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