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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Your Pre-Made Amazon Baby Registry! {Natural, affordable, unisex baby items, baby registry checklist}

Your Pre-Made Amazon Baby Registry! {Natural, affordable, unisex baby items, baby registry checklist}

So you're due... soon! Maybe you've waited until the last minute,  maybe you're too busy or you're just not sure where to start with making a registry?
No worries - I made something vurry special for you.
Your baby registry!  
Below is everything you need, plus some, for you and your little one. Most items are gender neutral, natural and eco-friendly - perfect for you, your baby and the earth!


Let's get this party started!

Set up your baby registry on Amazon HERE and follow the instructions.

Come back here and click on the links to the items you want. These links will take you to either a specific item or a customized search result to save you time and energy!

Visit your items page and add the item to your registry with one click!


Please note: I left off what I would consider to be "luxury items" (wipe warmers, diaper genies, Bluetooth controlled furniture) so you can focus on what you'll REALLY need for you baby. There are a few handy but not completely necessary items on the list and they are marked with an asterisk. 


Reusable nursing pads

Nursing tea
{Helps stimulate the production of milk}

Cloth menstrual pads
{For postpartum bleeding, even after a c-section}

*Nursing privacy cover
{Convenient but a wide receiving blanket will work just fine}
Organic Cotton Nursing Cover - $36.00

Newborn size long sleeve onesies with built-in hand covers
 {SO handy!!}

Newborn size socks
{Newborn feet are super tiny and even 0-3 month socks might be too big to stay on}

3-pack Organic Bamboo Muslin Swaddle Blankets - $32.95

*Organic baby formula
{If you've chosen not to breastfeed, organic formula is a wonderful supplement BUT be warned it is significantly more expensive than generic formula.}

4-pack gender neutral bibs - $14.99

Winter bunting or snow suit.
{Make sure to get it  in the size your baby will mostly likely be by winter.}

Sleep sack or wearable blankets
{It is recommended that you do not cover infants in blankets while they are asleep as it may increase the risk of SIDS.}


Gripe Water
{For colic and teething.}

Hyland's Teething tablets
{Works like a charm!}

*Amber teething necklace
{Doesn't seem to work for everyone but it's worth a shot when nothing else seems to work.}

*Hooded Towels
{We just used our regular large bath towels. They are way bigger and it's easier to fully wrap a wet baby.}

Potty chair

Fragrance free laundry soap
{Specialty baby laundry detergent is not necessary!}

{I recommend wall mounted or floating shelves as your tot will be able to reach and climb them sooner than you know.}

*Changing table
 {A changing table might only be handy for the first couple months. Not really worth it.}

{handy for around the house}

{There are many different kinds to choose from. Register for one that best fist your lifestyle but note, not everyone needs one}.

Bumbo infant seat 
{These will be your best friend when bay is old enough to sit up.}
Around $40 each, Bumbos have chairs that come with feeding trays and toys attachments! 



Also, check out Amazon's new HANDMADE section! It's like Etsy... maybe even better?

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