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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

100 Oddly Satisfying Activities to Add to Your Bucket List

Unusual bucket list

When you finish reading this you're probably going to think, 'why the heck should I do any of this stuff?'

And my questions for you is:
Why the heck not?

“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.” - Oscar Wilde

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** = Thing's I've done

  1. Take a bubble bath with waaaaay too much soap**
  2. Be nude outside (even if for just a few seconds)**
  3. Go back for desert seconds... or even thirds... fourths, etc.**
  4. Go nuts with outside Christmas decor
  5. Bust a pinata
  6. Jump in a pool with all your clothes on (or bathtub if you can't swim)**
  7. Suck helium and sing a song**
  8. Pump a whole can of shaving cream into your hand
  9. Have a caricature made**
  10. Slap someone (with their permission)**
  11. Photobomb a strangers photo
  12. Men - Shave your legs; Women - Don't Shave for a week**
  13. Ride a roller coaster that looks terrifying
  14. Cross dress**
  15. Hold and armful of puppies
  16. Get a tattoo**
  17. Try 100 different kinds of beer**
  18. Shoot a gun**
  19. Submerge your hand into a large bowl of uncooked rice
  20. Stomp grapes (doesn't even have to be for wine)
  21. Go to a formal event**
  22. Solve a Rubik's cube
  23. Smash a watermelon with a sledge hammer
  24. Stay awake for 48 hours
  25. Perform on stage**
  26. Create your own holiday - celebrate it every year.
  27. Ride and elephant**
  28. Be a part of a flash mob
  29. Eat a deep fried Oreo
  30. Audition for American Idol
  31. Wear a hoop skirt**
  32. Go commando for a day (no undies)**
  33. Attend a protest - even if you don't know what they're protesting
  34. Smash a guitar
  35. Ride a segway
  36. Learn to juggle**
  37. Buy a scratch-off lottery ticket**
  38. Sell something you made on Etsy**
  39. Tour a factory
  40. Scratch a CD on purpose**
  41. Go to Medieval Times**
  42. Make someone cry... tears of joy
  43. Take a pin-up style photo (yes, dudes too)
  44. Gain 5 lbs on purpose then lose it.
  45. Throw a massive "just because" party**
  46. Learn to read sheet music**
  47. Wear a wig all day**
  48. Go to a renaissance festival**
  49. Break a dinner plate on purpose
  50. TP your own home**
  51. Try aaaaall the ice cream flavors
  52. Play in the mud
  53. Ride a mechanical bull
  54. Make an old school zine and share copies of it
  55. Complete an entire word puzzle book
  56. Learn to skateboard
  57. Climb a tree**
  58. Go to a rodeo
  59. Grow your hair super long
  60. Cut your hair very short**
  61. Start a petition
  62. Smoke a hookah**
  63. Own a tiara or crown**
  64. Win a costume contest**
  65. Make a Rube Goldberg machine
  66. Break a world record
  67. Create a new world record
  68. Start a campfire
  69. Shear a sheep
  70. Memorize a famous poem
  71. Drink from a baby bottle
  72. Break a piggy bank
  73. Wear a corset
  74. Make pasta completely from scratch (sauce, noodles and all)
  75. Win an auction - online or in person**
  76. Watch a foreign movie with no subtitles
  77. Eat an exotic fruit you've never had before
  78. Be in in a Mardi Gras parade**
  79. Set piece of furniture on fire (um, outdoors please)
  80. Try at least 10 different types of ethnic cuisine
  81. Learn to belly dance (dudes too)**
  82. Own a formal gown or tuxedo**
  83. Fast for 24 hours
  84. Go to a comic convention**
  85. Publish an ebook
  86. Wear a kilt
  87. Direct traffic
  88. Throw a birthday party for a child**
  89. Eat an insect**
  90. Recreate the fax machine scene from the movie Office Space
  91. Sleep in a haunted house
  92. Milk a goat
  93. Go bra-less**
  94. Smoke a cigar**
  95. Smoosh a cake with your hands**
  96. Go Zorbing
  97. Learn a card trick**
  98. Go panning for gold
  99. Make a full Thanksgiving dinner - just because
  100. Twerk. Try it. Go on. Just once.**

Want more? Check out my next bucket list post!
 odd bucket list

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If you haven't considered participating in these activities, I bet you're thinking about it now, aren't you?
Satisfy your curiosity today and just DO it!

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