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NAME: Hollie Black-Ramsey

AGE: 31

LOCATION: Texarkana, TX, USA

MARRIED: 5 years

CHILDREN: 3 year old boy, 1 year old girl

OCCUPATION: Retired renaissance faire owner -
Now assistant director and performer Daniella Noir the Gypsy Queen

RELIGION: Christian, non-denominational

INTERESTS & HOBBIES: World music, belly/gypsy dance (any dance!),  throwing parties, art, good food, beer and wine, money matters, bohemian fashion, DIY low budget costumes, reading historical fiction, thrift shopping, surrealism, absurd art and humor, useless facts and history... and useless fact about history.

If you would REALLY like to know more about me please scroll down to my BIO or visit my personal blog Modern Colors.

Me as Daniella Noir the Gypsy Queen at the 2015 Texarkana Renaissance Faire

 Frugality, low income living, food, blogging tips, bohemian home decor, bohemian/hippie gift guides for all occasions, marriage, affordable bohemian fashion for the whole family.

My goal as a blogger is to show readers that:

#1 You don’t have to give up hobbies for you children - you include your children in your hobbies (well, I mean if they’re safe for kids).

#2 You don’t have to go broke to get what you want, you just have to know where to look.

#3 Having kids doesn’t make you uncool.

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My name is Hollie Black-Ramsey, I live in Texarkana, TX, I'm a wife to an intellectual redneck and a stay at home mom of two. I just recently "retired" from owning and directing the Texarkana Renaissance Faire (an annual renaissance faire I created for my town). I gave the faire to a good friend of mine and demoted myself to assistant director so I can focus on my family, my health and my blog. 

I have been keeping some kind of personal blog for about fifteen years now and in 2011 I  launched my first themed blog called Broke Creative Bride, a blog for low budget alternative weddings. I quit the blog due to stiff competition, a move and a new baby on the way. After my son was born I began focusing on my personal blog Modern Colors, and when my second child was born I found myself desiring to blog more about family life. The only problem with that was - my blog focused mostly on humor and fashion and my readers are older women with grown children or no children at all. So I created a separate blog in December 2014 and named it Modern Colors Two. I realized that we could use more money coming into the home so I decided to monetize my blog and gave it the more relevant title: Quirky Bohemian Mama.

I am a rather unconventional mom and wife. I don’t follow trends and I flee from fads. I am rebellious by nature and wildly hedonistic. Because of my quirky materialistic desires and one-income home-life, I have darn near mastered the art of frugality… almost to the point cheapskate-ism. Can you imagine? A hedonistic cheapskate? Well, that’s me I guess. I am willing to do almost anything to save a buck and I can stretch a dollar ‘til it hollers.

Our eclectic home is decorated with strange art, vintage oddities, exotic textiles and knick-knacks that were all collected from thrift stores, garage sales and even found in abandoned homes and on the curb. My children listen to music from all around the world, I teach them how to belly dance and they have no clue who Dora the Explorer is. We don’t keep up with mainstream media, we haven’t been to the cinema in five years and I can’t remember the last time I’ve been inside a Starbucks.

We’re not trying to be hip and we're not trying to impress anyone with our mutinous ways. We’re far too old for those kind of games. We are who we are and what we are is… well, kind of weird. 
We are and incredibly offbeat family and I love it!

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